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The Wedding Day

What happens on your Wedding Day?
What do you do?? Not much! Maybe one or both of you would like a Fijian massage? If the bride would like to have a professional hairstylist, that can be arranged.

If you selected the Deluxe or Traditional Deluxe Wedding, the staff will be decorating the wedding site you've chosen with gorgeous tropical flowers - you might enjoy watching! We'll ask the bride what flowers she'd like for her bouquet - color coordination is important!


A room with a view
You'll meet the Minister or your Celebrant an hour or so before your ceremony so you can get to know him and he can get to know you. If you have requested the professional photographer, some of your photos and/or the video could include 'getting ready', with our staff helping you to dress, if you'd like. It's completely up to you!
Relaxing at the pool Kids Ceremony
Would you like to include special vows that you've written to each other? That can be a lovely idea and easily included in your ceremony. We'll copy them for you onto parchment, as a keepsake!
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