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Guests at Lomalagi can enjoy the beautiful landscaped pool with waterfall.

Guest Book

Here are some comments from guests who have stayed at Lomalagi.
Beautiful Location "Superb food, scenery, convivial hostess & welcoming staff. A true Fijian experience."
Jeni & Andrew, England

"Thanks for a wonderful honeymoon! It was magical ~ all the staff were great! "
Alexandra & Ashley, Australia

"Collin & staff are the very best.....and Bandit too!"
Jim & Barbara, Washington state

"We had a great time staying with you, and really appreciate you and your staff's hospitality."
Jason & Tiffany, San Jose CA

"It has been a fantastic holiday and wedding. Collin and the staff have been wonderful. Looking forward to returning in the future."
Vinaka, Lauren & David, Australia

"Thanks again for a fabulous time! We all loved Lomalagi so much!"
Alyssa & Matt; Anita & Chris; Jenna & Louis ~ Gold Coast, Australia

"Thank you a lot for nice photos and beautiful time on "Heaven"."
Stepan & Olga, St Petersburg, Russia

"Thank you for a very wonderful holiday! Tony is still raving about the food .... Please let Kristika know... My favorite day was the one spent with Sam on the bay though every day was wonderful. We were incredibly spoiled by Louisa and Sala and Kristika and Sam. It was lovely of you to dine with us in the evenings...very much enchanted evenings. You have really created something amazing out of this very special piece of heaven. Thank you for sharing it with us! "
Tony & Bea, New Zealand

"We really enjoyed staying for 3 very full (tummies too) days instead of an afternoon..... But as you say...3 days are not enough when in heaven! Thank you again and your Fiji family there. Thank you so much for sharing your piece of heaven – it is absolutely wonderful. Cheers, "
Judy & Dave, Vancouver Island CA

"We had an absolute ball. We couldn't fault anything what so ever. You and the staff made us feel extremely welcome. We hope to return one day. I even shed a tear when leaving, it was truly an experience that we'll never forget. We appreciate everything that you did for us".
Lauren & Dave, Sydney

"Thank you again for a fabulous stay with you at Lomalagi ... I still have difficulties in adapting to the 'normal' life in Australia"...
Jurgen & Li

"We had a great time, Lomalagi is a beautiful place and we were glad we learnt the dancing that evening as we could then show the villagers what we could do!! I think it amused them that we could dance on our own. We certainly miss the food too, back to our own cooking".
Jeni & Andrew, England

"I can't thank you and your staff enough for the great time I had there. Everything was wonderful and I particularly enjoyed dinners with you. Your place truly is heaven".
Tamara, Florida.

"Many thanks to all of you for making Lomalagi one of the highlights of our "heavenly" adventure around Fiji. All of your kindness, compassion, help and efficiency are so appreciated. We will be back! Many thanks".
Lisa & Craig, Hawaii

"Thanks again for everything. I think Fiji is one of my favorite places I've ever been. I would like to come back someday and recommend it to everyone".
Annie (Boise ID) & Lauren (NYC)

"We can't express how much we enjoyed our stay there. It truly is Heaven! We'll be back. Since returning a few days ago, we've been showing pictures of your place to our friends - they can't believe how beautiful it is and then when we tell them about the food - they can't believe it".
Dick & Patti, Washington State

"Heaven is great! fabulous staff. Vinaka!"
Jan & Chantal, New Zealand

"Vinaka to all! Moto and Sam were great. BEAUTIFUL island!"
Dwayne & Brooke, Fayetteville NC

"Beautiful ... more beautiful than my first visit in 1994. Vinaka!"
Kerry & Karen, Kodiak, AK

"We can't thank all of you enough for our wonderful stay ~ we'll be back!"
Patti & Dick, LaConner WA

"Wonderful staff ~ we'll be back!"
Annie (Boise ID) & Lauren Brooklyn NY

"Beautiful experience, wonderful staff & a Vinaka to Collin for looking after us".
Shaneel & Shelveen, NSW Australia

"Thanks again for everything, the hospitality, exceptional customer service and lifelong friends".
Tangi & Calvin, Oakland CA

"The stay at Lomalagi Resort was one of our highlights on our South Seas trip. The food was just great, the views anyway, I liked the bicycle journey to Savusavu and the whole vegetation on the island. Thank you once again for your hospitality".
Michael & Nataliya, Switzerland

"Thanks, Collin, for these wonderful photos! Brings back such sweet memories of our time there with you and your incredible staff!"
Meredith & Greg, Hilton Head

"We had a fabulous time at Lomalagi. So peaceful and private. Thanks to you and your team".
Brad & Sharyn, Suva, Fiji

"Thanks for an awesome time. Really enjoyed ourselves. Look forward to pics".
Sadhana & Dean, Sydney

"We had a terrific time and we so appreciate all you did for us during our time there. So thanks again, Collin, for so much! For G & me, our time with you will be one of our most wonderful memories in what I hope will turn out to be a very long time together".
Cheri & George, Portland OR

"We already miss Fiji, the people.... and the food. It was such a lovely experience. Thanks so much for spoiling us during our stay in Lomalagi".
Thelvin & Eugenia, Costa Rica / New Zealand

"Our experiences in your home will live in our memories for a long, long time. Thank you for being part of our memories. We made nice photos from Lomalagi, we will send you some later. Cheers, best wishes and hopefully see you soon".
David and Christa, Switzerland

"Once again thank you so much for the hospitality that you and your employees showed us while at your resort. We were all very impressed with your resort and its beautiful views ... it was "HEAVEN"! I wish you all the happiness and success in life".
Johnnie and Kim, Southern California

"Thankx again for our wonderful stay at your slice of heaven we both enjoyed it so much, your staff are a real credit to you, what a lovely group. The only thing was our stay was about 4 days too short!"
Carl & Mia, Perth

"Just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for the lovely time at your resort. We also appreciate the pictures you forwarded. They are now part of many happy memories we have of our Fijian vacation. I will never forget the evening I was allowed to sit and strum a George Harrison guitar! Our best to all of you at Lomalagi, including Simba and Shaka".
Sincerely, Kathy and Dave, San Diego

"Many thanks for these wonderful photos! I have been on the road for work ever since we returned from our fantastic holiday in Heaven. I have given the Lomalagi website address to a few friends who were very impressed with our high recommendations".
Cheryl & Hans, Sydney

"You don't have to die to get to Heaven!"
Tom & Annie (travel writer & photographer), Salt Spring Island B.C., Canada

"Total beauty, relaxation and pampering! Vinaka Vakalevu -- see you again".
David & Annette, New York

"Fantastic setting, good food -- fantastic hosts and staff!"
Marc & Christine, Belgium

"Thanks so much for providing such a special experience in "Heaven." We can't stop exclaiming how beautiful Fiji is!"
Best wishes, Marieka & Darrell, Pasadena CA

"I just wanted to make sure to tell you again what a great time Trehia and I had this past week. The resort was beautiful, your staff very attentive and the food was wonderful. We enjoyed snorkeling and dolphins, lounging, swimming and most of all the trip to the school".
Jadie & Trehia, Washington State

"Idyllic setting. Wonderful hosts & staff".
Margot & Graham, Bay of Islands, NZ

"Great food! Thanks for the cooking lessons!!"
Odermatt family, B.C. Canada

"I always thought Australia wasn't so bad, until I came to Paradise ... Thank you very much for the recipes and photos! And an amazing week and everything else! Thanks for the honey-anniversary time in Heaven!"
Veit & Evgania, Sydney

"We had very joyful days in Lomalagi and we miss you all very much! "
Alessandra & Andrea, Carrosio ITALY

"Thank you again for your great hospitality...we had a WONDERFUL, RELAXING time in Heaven!! We can't imagine a better place we could have gone to spend our honeymoon together...we are already discussing coming back for a future anniversary".
May & Jason, Chicago area

"Thanks again for the lovely time at Lomalagi -- we have great memories of our Fiji trip and have enjoyed showing photos and telling stories to all the family".
Jinx, Paul et al, Portland OR

"We`re home. Have no words to tell how we feel... Miss you so! Thank you for gorgeous vacation! Stay in touch....."
Hugs, Dennis, Dar, Victoria & Bembya (Moscow)

"Just back into my office! Sigh... can I come back? Thanks for the pictures. We had a FABULOUS time! "
John (Oklahoma City) & Irena (San Francisco)

"We had soooo much fun. You will always be in our memories of a wonderful time in our life".
Mary & Rick, San Antonio Texas (married here)

"What can I say.....just been to Heaven for 7 days. Forever in our hearts. Staff second to none anywhere this side of Paradise!"
Amber & Liz, UK

"Perfect. We are sad to leave but enjoyed out stay so much. Hope to be back in Heaven one day soon".
Marc & Margaret, Toronto

"You don't have to die to get to Heaven!"
Tom & Annie, Salt Spring Island B.C

"Total beauty, relaxation and pampering".
Vinaka vakalevu. See you again. David & Annette, Briarcliff, NY

"I want go back to Lomalagi very very much".
Kazuo & Mana, Hokkaido Island, Japan

"Thanks so much for the photos -- we had a really great time. It was wonderfully relaxing and we both felt like we were part of the family. S-o-o-o different from the normal 4-5 star resort experience. When we get organized, we'll send you some of our photos".
Cheers, John & Deborah, Adelaide

"Our family had a lovely time at Lomalagi. We particularly LOVED the dolphins. And a big thank you to you and all your wonderful staff for looking after us so well".
Best wishes, Anna, Andrew, Archer and Charlie

"Thanks for making our honeymoon so memorable".
Alexa & Chris, San Francisco

"Thank you so much for a fantastic vacation. It was exactly what we needed and more than we bargained for. I look forward to keeping in touch".
Josh & Heather, Los Angeles

"Thank you for organizing our wedding. Your staff made us feel very welcome and special".
Lynda & Jason, Epsom ~ Surrey, UK

"In retrospect, we made a wonderful trip and the memories of our stay at your place just keep growing on us. We are very happy we stayed in Fiji with you, especially considering the alternatives, like staying on the main island or on some little island, turning around for 5 days".
Pierre & Medeleine, Montreal

"We will try to make it back before the next 5 years pass. Thanks for making every trip so special".
Kim & Michael, Virginia USA

"We really enjoyed our R & R in "Heaven" and no doubt will be back. Thank you for your hospitality and friendship".
Marissa & Colin, Sydney

"Thank you for sending mail. We wish to express our gratitude to you in Lomalagi for being able to spend good times very much. We are looking forward to sending the photographs to you".
Makiko & Hiroshi, Tokyo

"We had such a blast and we miss everyone. We miss the BOYS!!! Tell them we say hello. Tell Wais we have the cane knife hung up and we'll send pics soon!"
Doug & Jessica, New Jersey

"We had a wonderful time and Fiji was definitely the way to end the trip".
David & Mary, Tampa FL (after 6 weeks around the world)

"Many thanks again for such a great (and memorable) time. Pleasantly surprised with the middle-market accommodation at XXX, near Sigatoka. Bungalow style bure on the beach and a very good restaurant led to a nice quite stay on a budget. Would recommend it. But not anywhere near the fantastic standard you have set at Lomalagi. We are very keen to come back your way. We had a good two day stay after Lomalagi at YYY Resort, though we found it less private and, as a result, nowhere near as relaxing as 'Heaven.""
Rod & Lidj, Tasmania

"Thanks for the photos and again for a great stay with you guys and please most definitely send our love to Wais, Sam and the rest of the crew there".
Angus & Monique, Sydney

"Thank you both for such a wonderful stay. It was just what we were looking for & we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Please say a big bula to Waisea, Tokasa, Moto, Sam, Rakesh, Tats & Rakesh's wife. They took such good care of us & we enjoyed their company very much".
Lisa & Mat, Coral Coast

"Thank you very much for you kind and very generous hospitality during our trip. Every day We spent there was very enjoyable. We will always remember the wonderful time We had with you. We could really learn so many things that We didn't know how to express our appreciation. Many thanks again for the time and courtesies you gave to us. We will be back Lomalagi Resort!! On promise!"
Ryu & Keiko, Toba, Japan

"Thank you both for such a wonderful stay. It was just what we were looking for & we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."
Lisa & Mat, Coral Coast, Fiji

"Thanks to you and your wonderful staff for a perfect end to an awesome honeymoon!"
Helen & Paul, London

"We had a wonderful stay at Lomalagi and hope to come back one day to Fiji to discover more of this beautiful country."
Romain & Baldeesh, Tokyo

"We had a great time at Lomalagi. It was nice and relaxing and definitely what we needed to escape our hectic weddings! We look forward to heading over to that part of the world sometime in the future."
Tony & Ashika, Sydney

"We enjoyed celebrating our wedding the way we did in Heaven, it was really no fuss for us, which is what we had in mind."
Ingrid & John, Sydney

"We had a wonderful time with you and we are so pleased we came to Lomalagi for our honeymoon. We will be recommending you to our friends. We also hope to be back one day."
Thanks again for everything and all the best, Anna & James, Sydney

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for us during our stay at Lomalagi -- our wedding day couldn't have been better and was everything we were looking for. We both agree that Lomalagi was the perfect setting for us and that is due in a large part to all the wonderful people you have working here who we will always remember fondly."
Many thanks again, Adam and Louise, England

"I had the most wonderful time and so glad I took the time to see you and Terry and your lovely property. It truly was a treat. I'll stay in touch and wish the staff all my best as they are such an integral part of the experience."
Teresa, Hawaii

"We renewed our spirits to face less relaxing travels that are coming our way. We wish you all the best and please convey our regards to the lovely staff."
Rekha & Luc, Washington D.C. (formerly Fiji)

"Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality - Lomalagi truly was heaven for us! Love the photo - thank you! Indeed it has been hard getting back into the swing of things at work...I'm still operating on Fiji Time! Say G'Day to Terry & Simba - have a lovely day!"
Heidi & Matt, Gold Coast (Aust)

"To you both, best regards. We sincerely enjoyed our stay in Paradise."
Christian & Frederique, Paris

"We have such wonderful memories and lots of great photos of our time at Lomalagi. Thank you again for such a wonderful honeymoon. We can't stop raving about what we did, what we ate, and the people we met at your resort. We are already convincing our friends to take holidays there".
All the best, Mary-Ellen and Paul (Brisbane)

Village lovo lunch "Sorry for not getting in touch earlier, and thanking you for making our time in Fiji so exceptional!!! We had a good trip back to Dubai. Since we got back, we have a melly of visitors and very little time to ourselves, and busy at work....so there have been plenty of days when I would rather be at Lomalagi operating at a better pace!"
Stephen & Niamh, Dubai

"Thanks for the unforgettable beginning to our trip. We are already saving for our next visit and hopefully it will be a longer one next time".
Andy & Helene, UK

"Thank you very much for your hospitality! Your resort is quite amazing and the views are truly spectacular - one of the best!!! We enjoyed the time we spent in Fiji very much!"
Brygida, Jarek and grandma -- Los Angeles

"Our visit to Lomalagi was 'the jewel in the crown' of our trip. We have been telling everyone about you and how wonderful our stay was".
Penelope & Aaron, Seattle

"Really felt relaxed when we were there, just awesome scenery. Next time we'll try and bring up a group with us. In the mean time we'll be telling everyone we can about what's available over at your place. It would be fun to come with a group next time".
Tracy & Warren, Nadi (Fiji)

"We had a great time and really miss it and everyone there. Please give our love to everyone - it's amazing how close you can feel to people in 10 days when they are so warm and special! Thanks again for making our honeymoon unforgettable!"
Chris & Mitch, Los Angeles

"We are very very happy that people of Lomalagi welcomed us again. They are so nice! This time, we were impressed by the ARTWORK of Waisea (his shrine!) and Moto (his pole). And ... what wonderful villages! It is great honour that we are the first Japanese who visited the village of Viani. It is for sure a rare and precious experience".
Hiroshi & Hiroko, Tokyo

"Lomalagi is so incredible and exceeded our expectations, and I will recommend it to everyone. Thanks for a wonderful time and we hope to visit again soon".
Carla & Michael, San Diego CA

"Thank you for a relaxing honeymoon. Heaven couldn't be sweeter than this!"
Paola & Rodney, Alexandria VA, USA

"Thank you very much for a nice photo of Simba. It reminds us of the beautiful days on "Heaven". Lomalagi is really heaven for us and we will recommend our friends to visit "Heaven". We appreciate you and all staffs and hope to have a chance to visit "Heaven" some day again".
Nori & Maya, Tonga (via Japan)

"Thank you for sending the pictures, and thanks again for a wonderful time. We will highly recommend Lomalagi to all of our friends and family!! Keep in touch, as will we".
Stephane & Alison, Houston TX

"Thank you for a wonderful time. Our honeymoon in Fiji was just terrific! "
Kylie & Dave, Australia

"It must have been a good holiday because we now speak mostly Fijian around the house!"
Martin & Jane, Melbourne

"We indeed enjoyed very much our holiday and Laetitia even told me that we should have stayed longer (which is unusual since she does not like to be away from home too long). The islands are very beautiful and people are very friendly. It's strange now because we do not hear "Bula!" in the street anymore".
Seb & Laetitia, Belgium

"Exceeded our expectations and perfect to the last detail. Thanks for our Honeymoon in Heaven!"
Adam & Jackie, Australia

"We could easily have spent weeks in your corner of heaven and perhaps one day if we can stop working, we will actually do so. We left with such a wealth of happy memories of your warm hospitality, kava ceremonies and Fijian folk singing, village visits and speed boat trips to rival any roller coaster. Would you please pass our thanks on to all your staff for all they did to make our stay with you so memorably special".
Xenia & Alf, Toronto

"Thank you again for your 'heavenly' hospitality, your sage investment advice, your 'divine' introduction to Fiji and, in particular, your 'celestial' island of Vanua Levu!! We really enjoyed staying in your enchanting resort! You've done a wonderful job, w/your layout, your people, your activities, FOOD! (YUM) and your Aloha. You spoiled us and we loved it!! Thanks again".
Dave & Susan, San Francisco

"We had a wonderful and relaxing time at Lomalagi. We have already shown the pictures to my parents, they also loved it. Of course the boys now want a fox terrier named Simba as a pet".
Dori & Rob, Tokyo (en route to London)

"We are so happy we picked Lomalagi to celebrate our wedding and start our life together. We have been telling everyone about the beauty of Fiji and all the adventures we had. Thank you again for making our visit to Fiji such a fantastic experience. We plan to return sometime in the (hopefully) near future! "
Suki & Jeremy, Boston

"Thanks again for arranging a wonderful wedding and providing a superb setting for our honeymoon, hope we'll be able to visit again soon".
Oyvind and Mie-Kyoung, Seoul KOREA

"Thank you very much for your kindness. We enjoyed your excellent meals, activities such as pool, fantastic boat trip and lucky fishing".
Nobu & Hisayo, Tokyo (currently living in Fiji)

"I talked with Mr. Okamoto last night and I was very pleased that his family had enjoyed very much staying at your place. They said that beside the beautiful accommodation and wonderful hospitality, the meals provided were best in Fiji. Thank you again for your splendid hospitality to Mr. Okamoto's family and looking forward to meeting you soon".
Eiichi Tamaki, JICA Expert in Tourism Development, Ministry of Tourism in Fiji

"Planning to get back to the Fiji Islands for Christmas. Talking to family. Lomalagi would be a great getaway for all of us. Will keep planning so we can book early, but even if it doesn't come to pass, you'll probably see Suzanne and me again. We like being spoiled like that and enjoyed you guys and your staff".
Hugh & Suzanne, Michigan

"We should have saved Lomalagi for last because, as suspected, the Lomalagi experience, view, privacy, terrace, sunsets, food, company, staff, service just could not be matched anywhere! Thank you especially for our Anniversary party and cake and all the special touches. Our stay with you will be wonderful memories for us to cherish ... for many reasons".
Mark & Anna (expecting a Lomalagi baby!), San Diego CA

"Lomalagi, it is really the Heaven!! We enjoyed it and had a perfectly relaxed time. Nothing is more gorgeous than all of Lomalagi being for us. We appreciate all of your kindness we had in Lomalagi and what a nice people. Tokasa, Ulamila, Waisea, Moto, Sam and of course Simba! We love you all!"
Hiroshi & Hiroko, Tokyo

"We had a great time at Lomalagi. You are excellent hosts. Feel we really got a true Fiji experience and made some good friends. Thanks again for all your help in making our vacation in Fiji a memorable one".
Joy & Pete, Richmond VA

"We really miss Lomalagi & most of all the two of you & Simba plus your friendly staff. (especially the cooking from your wonderful Chef). Natalia & I had the most wonderful time ever with all of you, that we really & honestly appreciated very much. Thank you so much for your hospitality & making us feel Truly at Home".
Kaylan & Natalia, Sydney

"Thank you for being so generous and gracious. We had a wonderful time staying at Lomalagi. I've never seen Ira so relaxed ... you have a magical place".
Cindy & Ira, Santa Barbara CA

"Thanks so much for your hospitality while we were with you in Fiji, we couldn't have asked for a more relaxing holiday. Such a pleasure! We will think of you all often".
Nathan & Samantha, Sydney

"I don't think John and I got the chance to adequately express how well we liked Lomalagi and enjoyed the peace and serenity available there".
Amalene & John, Sydney

"Marriage has been great, thanks for the beautiful honeymoon setting. We will be seeing you in Fiji soon. We loved Fiji very much".
Ray & Lynette, Tokyo

"We really enjoyed the hospitality at Heaven and will recommend to our friends many of whom don't enjoy the quiet and relaxed style we do. That's their loss! We will never forget our time at Lomalagi and hope to return next year. It was the best holiday we have had over the past 4 years and it was about number 8 of one week getaways in Australia and the South Pacific plus Bali which is now off the radar as far as Aussies are concerned. You really made our stay memorable and we will never forget our wonderful time in Heaven".
Ian & Sandra, Brisbane, Australia

"We are both having trouble making our bodies return to normal pace following the relaxed state we achieved at Lomalagi. Thanks to you, Terry and all your staff for a wonderful holiday".
John & Leigh, Melbourne, Australia

"Lot of work is waiting for us, but in our thoughts, we are still with you. It was a phantastic time and we really hope it wasnŽt the last visit to Lomalagi. We miss you all. Please let us keep contact in future, so that weŽll never forget the heaven".
Juergen & Barbara, Germany

"We had a wonderful time and told all of our friends about how great everything was. I really hope we can stay in touch. Things are pretty hectic and we miss the days of lounging by the pool drinking Fiji Bitters. Alas, maybe we can recapture that feeling again some day".
Joe & Catherine, Seattle

"Thanks again Collin and Terry for your hospitality. We had such a package starting from room, view, ambience, food, company to activities, experience and style. You'll definitely see us back".
Rekha, Suva

"It's so tough to come back to work. Julie kept asking me if we could stay. We really enjoyed our time in Heaven, and hope to be back soon".
Joel & Julie, LA

"Thank you and all of your wonderful staff again for making our honeymoon such a memorable one" .
Andrew & Mel, Sydney

"Thanks for all the hospitality - Kim & I really had an experience we'll cherish for a lifetime - we hope to come back, but if we don't, we have 8 rolls of GREAT pictures. Please say hi! to the staff for us - a more accommodating and pleasant group we have NEVER met!"
George & Kim, San Francisco

Catch of the Day! "We hate being home already!!!! The whole trip was wonderful Tell everyone there that we miss them terribly !!!!"
Jeff & Stephanie, Dallas

"We developed our pictures, they are absolutely stunning ... we would be delighted to transport ourselves back to the tranquil life of Fiji" .
Lior & Abigail, Tel Aviv

"Michelle and I would really like to thank you and your staff for a great week" .
Bruce & Michelle, Dallas

"Kevin and I had a wonderful time in 'heaven' and thank you for your hospitality" .
Kevin & Gail, NYC

"We had a truly wonderful time at your home, at it will always live in our memories as one of the more special places we have ever been. Who knows, we may be back with friends some day!"
Charlie & Pam, California

"Thanks for a great holiday. We had a FAB time and will be in touch when we have our photos developed" .
Gina & Richard, Auckland

"Thank you very much - I'm very happy to stay here! "
Rie & Makoto, Tokyo

"How we miss all of you, give our love to everyone. We would love to visit again - thank you so much for our holiday" love
Mags & Richard, Auckland

"We had a wonderful time there....especially since we had no preconceived notions of what to expect. I checked your website today...and read through more detail and didn't realize that the instruments played by the boys band were from George Harrison! Regards always to everyone...and Simba too".
Sybil and Jan, LA

"Thank you so very much for allowing us to have such a wonderful trip. I do have to say I thankfully do remember Lomalagi but it was great to reconfirm why we loved it so much. We love the beauty, tranquility, great food, very friendly workers and the niceness and conversation we were able to share with you. You made our stay there perfect and we hope to visit sometime again".
John & Sue, San Diego

"Dear Collin & all the lovely staff: Thank you so much for a wonderful honeymoon -- you truly live in Paradise. The food, the flowers, not to mention the excellent cocktails -- all helped make our stay so memorable" .
David & Karen, Sydney

"We had a great time at Lomalagi. We are eagerly waiting for our pictures - it's so hard to tell everyone about what we did and saw without the photos. I'll be sure to forward the best for the staff and the villagers".
Steve & Pamela, Cincinnati

"We had an awesome time in Heaven - the wedding was incredible - could not have ordered a better day or location. Being with you guys was like being adopted into an extended family, leaving was like departing from old friends and family. The staff is the best, making us feel part of the village and their life. We will be back and you may not be able to get rid of us this time!!! Give Simba a hug for us! "
Brian and Kelly - Tucson, AZ

Meke NightVisit to the local school
"Thanks again for such a wonderful time. Fiji is incredible and we are definitely planning to go back there soon. Again thank you for your hospitality and we look forward to coming back and visiting you again. Vinaka!"
Kevin & Michelle, Chicago

"We miss HEAVEN so much already -- gray skies and rain in Dayton".
Deb & Kirt, Ohio

"Thanks for great time at Lomalagi --
David & Nobuko, Tokyo

"John and I both feel relaxed and recuperated, but we both agreed that we could have stayed a lot longer and can't wait to return".
Amanda & John - Suva, Fiji

"We had a wonderful vacation, a beautiful wedding and met some fascinating people".
Steve & Kim, London/Houston

"We had a blast in Maui; however, after Fiji, the diving just couldn't come close to comparing. We really missed you guys after we left. I can't begin to tell you how welcome you made us feel and how much we enjoyed our stay. Love to you all and wish we were there ... "
Jim & Heather, Florida

"We really, really, really enjoyed our visit and will definitely be back. Although it is good to be home I really miss Fiji. "
Sandra & Jerry, Phoenix

"Just want to say "THANKS" for making our visit to heaven so great. We really enjoyed it.....Thanks sooooooooo much, "
Karen & Jim, LA

"Thank you for the most perfect vacation. Skip and I had a wonderful time, we can hardly wait to return. You are so gracious! Thank you again for our time in Heaven. "
Karen & Skip, Riverside CA

"Thanks again for being such greats hosts and for a wonderful time. We can't wait to get back. "
Cody & Victoria, Tokyo

"Thanks again! Cheryl and I had a marvelous time. I hope Simba has found a new salt lick in my absence. He was such a neat dog!!! "
Steve & Cheryl, San Antonio

"Thanks for a lovely weekend, I wish that it could have been longer! You have a lovely property and I will help to spread the word, we will be back. "
Mark & Samantha, Nadi (Fiji)

"Thanks, indeed, for such a marvelous time at your resort. Am already telling all of Suva about your piece of heaven in Vanua Levu! "
Marie-Elise & Jeremy, Suva (Fiji)

"Wow. Can't believe we've been back only a week. It seems like centuries since we've been sitting by the pool just hanging out enjoying ourselves. What we wouldn't do to come back and just relax :-)"
Patrick & Cindy, Arlington VA

"Your place felt so wonderful!! I'm thinking of writing a travel story for Lomalagi.... "
Karen, Cook Islands

"Please pass on our regards to all the staff. You've got some wonderful people there, and we have come away with some very fond memories. Thanks again so much for your gracious hospitality. "
Greg & Patty, Sydney

......and to once again say thank you so so so so so so so so so much...we had the BEST time!"
Shawnna & Michael, Toronto

"How was the wedding on Saturday? It rained the whole time we were in Rarotonga, but it was nice in Aitutaki. We got a chance to go on a lagoon cruise, which was great, and then zipped around the island on a little motor bike. Quite fun. But we do have to say that our favorite place on our Honeymoon was Lomalagi".
Jon & Jen, Santa Clara CA

"We certainly enjoyed our stay at Lomalagi! Please say hi to all of the wonderful folk we met while we were staying with you!"
Bob & Darcy, world travelers!

"Both Mary and myself wish we were back in heaven....you guys have it made so don't ever leave....!!"
Chip & Mary, LA

"The rest of our vacation turned out to be great but not as great as Heaven was! After we arrived at (island resort), I instantly knew that things would be different. It was soooo small! The island was cramped and crowded. I think next time we will stay our entire vacation at one resort (yours!!) Another thing I noticed was the staff was not as welcoming as yours. On the bright side, I got my white sand beach. Which as it turned out I'm not that big a fan of. After the first day there was white sand everywhere!! We are both missing Heaven and are looking forward to coming back!"
Craig & Lisa, Seattle WA

"Thanks again, we had a marvelous time at Lomalagi. We'll send you some pictures when we get them back."
Eric & Nancy, Brooklyn NY

"We really enjoyed your hospitality and hope to return to Lomalagi. Thank you."
Martha and Gary, LA

"We had a great time at Lomalagi we will definitely be back. We will be sending you guys a package in the next month or so. I will email you when I send it out. And I will also email some dolphin pictures as well!! Next time we will for sure jump in with them!"
Tobey & Mike, Santa Barbara

"What a great holiday we enjoyed at Lomalagi. The weather was terrific and your hospitality cerainly added lustre to our stay. The pool was a great cooler and exercise regime."
Karen & Robin, Auckland NZ

"We loved our stay with you and will highly recommend it to everyone! Thanks so much for all the work you, your staff and the village put into making this such a memorable and wonderful vacation, wedding and honeymoon".
Heidi & Kevin, Federal Way WA

Thinking about Lomalagi while standing inside the crowded train, walking down the overcrowded streets, I really think your place is a HEAVEN and I miss it a lot! It really was the best scenery I have ever seen in my whole life and now it becomes my 'Oasis' deep inside my heart... Once again many thanks for everything and I can't wait to see you again for my next visit very soon (hopefully)!!
Mariko, Tokyo

We really enjoyed our trip to Fiji and hope to return again someday soon. Your resort is really heaven! Keep in touch ...
Bill & Lori, Chicago
Meke night dancing
You two were great hosts and the staff was great. Can't wait to see the pictures.
Aaron & Kate, Chicago

Thank you for the lovely week. The time and experience we had at your resort was just wonderful ... It is like a dream to me now. Thank you again for your kindness and hospitality.
Eriko & Andrew, Brisbane

Thanks for the wonderful time in Lomalagi! Coming back to the dry, hot polluted weather in LV, we want to turn around & go back to Fiji! Everything was wonderful - the staff, the food, the accommodations, the village & all our events, including what was done for our wedding!
Karen & Dave, Las Vegas

All of our family and friends are so impressed with our pictures. They say that it does not even look real ... "like a postcard". My mother says that I have gotten more wear out of my wedding gown than any other woman. We began to talk about an anniversary trip even before we left to come home. I hope we can visit on our way to Australia/New Zealand again real soon. Thanks again for making our wedding such a memorable experience!
Kim & Michael, Frederick, MD

Vinaka for a wonderful and memorable honeymoon.
Owen & Annie, Sydney

We really enjoyed Lomalagi and it really did have that heavenly feel. We are now back in the real world and trying to work out how another trip to heaven can be arranged.
Mike & Sandy, Singapore

Thanks again to you both and the staff for a fantastic wedding ceremony and honeymoon.
Doug & Susan. Toronto

Thanks, once again, for those delightful days in your estate. The photos we showed stunned everybody. Regardless of the good time we had, everybody was so interested as Fiji is not a common destination. Once again, thanks -- it will always be a cherished moment.
Muchas gracias,
Frankie & Vali, Buenos Aires

Band Boys Lomalagi is very beautiful, with some of the most spectacular scenery that we saw on our trip. The atmosphere of Lomalagi was perfect. The food was great, and the staff was very professional and warm. Fiji was a great place to honeymoon, and we will be back!
John & Sue, San Diego

We cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed Lomalagi. Thanks for making Lomalagi a dream come true. You, and the resort, are the best!!! And we have not stopped raving about the cuisine. We are trying to figure out when we can get back - before six months are up, I hope.
Marilyn & Larry, Atlanta

We enjoyed staying at Lomalagi very much and miss you, Simba, your staff, all the food sessions and the good talks already. We had such a good time which we will never ever forget. Many thanks for all your efforts taken to make our honeymoon such an enjoyable and unique one.
Eva & Stephanino, Zurich/London

Thanks for everything, it seems like a dream. A good dream! Love & Light,
Vicki & Aaron, Charleston

" Lomalagi is on one of the MOST beautiful locations that I have ever been to. The ambience, of serenity and peacefulness is astounding. It is the sort of location that everyone should try to get to 'once a year'... so that one can piece oneself together to again go back into the 'real world'. I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to find "heaven"!!!"
Carol & Nigel, S. California

" Had a wonderfully visually intoxicating time and am anxiously awaiting my film development. "
Chanin, Laguna Beach
"I have been visiting Fiji at least once every year since 1992. My husband began visiting Fiji in 1983. Lomalagi Resort is by far the best place we have seen in Fiji in all the years we have been going there. Even on a cloudy day, the views are spectacular. The villa we were in was really well appointed, with lots of amenities, nice soap, hair dryer, plenty of extra towels etc. The bath is great - room for two and there is bubble bath supplied. The villa kitchen has everything so you can cook if you feel like it - we didn't, but it was good having the microwave to heat up some snacks. One great thing - breakfast was brought to our room each morning. The "doorbell" is actually a bell sitting about 20 metres from the villa. They ring and wait until you open the door for them to come in - very private. We found the food to be great. We had a great experience at Lomalagi and I would very much like to go there again."
Kathy & Don, Tokyo

"If you are looking for an R&R type of vacation, I think Lomalagi is perfect for you. I thought the service at Lomalagi was very good. Collin goes out of her way to make sure you get anything you desire. It was our favorite place of all the resorts. At Lomalagi, all you hear are the birds. No sirens, cars, boats, airplanes. Just the tropical breezes, birds and nature in progress. We would sit out on our verandah every morning and evening literally thank God for giving us such a wonderful gift as this. I LOVED the people that worked there. The grounds were the most beautiful, by far the most attractive that we had seen during our travels. I unwound and slowed down so much in a week's time, the lines on my face started to disappear! When we had to leave Lomalagi, to go to the next island, I cried my eyes out. I highly recommend going there. I came back with an entirely different perspective on life when I returned. It was almost like a spiritual experience."
Dianna & William, Huntington Beach

"We operate our own travel agency that specializes in leisure travel to special destinations. We have travelled extensively and focus on areas that are safe and unique and untouched by the regular tourist. After our wedding/honeymoon week at Lomalagi we opted to stay on the Coral Coast as a lot of the literature we receive through the business was directed at the "Coral Coast". This is where bus loads of Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, and North American tourists are taken. It was uncomparable to Lomalagi. There was no personel service, and the "traditional Fijian events in the evening" are staged and couldn't touch the experiences we shared at Lomalagi. We left after two nights. Meanwhile back at Lomalagi we slept with our doors open and unlocked, walked freely through the bay and countryside welcomed by all the Fijians we encountered. We even attended church on Mothers Day at the nearby village. It was one magical experience after another. We can't describe the feeling and experience. It is Collin's magical touch. (She even emails you before arrival to ask your favorite foods and what you dislike - talk about personalized service!) And our wedding that Friday was every bit as Magical - almost unbelievable. All we did was select a location and the staff looked after every detail and then some ... It was absolutely exotic and romantic. Definitely a 5+ Star Superior Resort. Collin and the staff are warm and attentive to every wish and desire we had. A great balance between socializing and privacy. We plan to return often and highly recommend this resort ... Lomalagi will awaken and renew your senses and revitalize your soul!"
Bob & Sharlynn, Alberta, Canada
Wonderful Vacation
"I don't know how many superlatives there are in the English language, but there would never be enough to describe Lomalagi Resort. My husband and I just returned from five beautiful days at Lomalagi (which is Fijian for Heaven), and the resort truly lives up to its name! Lomalagi is far and away the most exquisite resort we have ever seen, with service to match. The resort's owner, Collin McKenny, does everything to insure her guests are pampered in every possible way. Another amenity at Lomalagi is the menu. It is customized to your personal taste. Once you reserve your villa, Collin contacts you to determine your culinary preferences and then plans meals accordingly. You may do as much or as little as you like at Lomalagi; swim in the pool, kayak, mountain bike, snorkel, or nothing at all but sit on your spacious deck and stare out onto the largest bay in the South Pacific. But the best thing about Lomalagi is its owner. Collin makes every possible effort to make sure your stay meets "your" expectations. She and her well-trained staff attend to your slightest need. It was a truly wonderful vacation! "
Kathy & Mike, Wn DC
Our stay with you was just about idyllic ...
Connie & Fred, Kauai, Hawaii

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