Villen in Lomalagi Abenteuer und Reisen (German Travel magazine) - In dem Artikel "Die schonsten Hideaways der Welt"
"Ein Paradies für Flitterwöchler und Verliebte auf Vanua Levu. Es ist noch immer ein Geheimtipp ..."

La Vie de 30ans (Japanische Frauenzeitschrift) - ein Artikel mit dem Titel "Großartig für Zwei, Romantisches Resort inmitten der Natur"
"Ein unentdecktes Paradies auf Erden, das wir auf Fidschi gefunden haben. Verliebte Paare suchen überall auf der Welt nach exotischen Plätzen in üppiger Umgebung, wo sie auch Einheimische kennenlernen können… Ich habe in den japanischen Medien erfahren, dass Vanua Levu, die nördliche Insel Fidschis, genau so ein Plätzchen bietet… Lomalagi."

Air Pacific Islands Magazine - In einem Artikel "Savusavu = Für fast alle etwas zu bieten. Wir stellen Fidschis verstecktes Paradies vor"
"Lomalagi bedeutet 'Himmel' auf fidschianisch und wenn Sie einmal dort waren, können Sie mit Bestimmtheit sagen, dass Sie im Himmel waren!"

Getaway! -- Channel 9 Australia
On 8th August 2002, Lomalagi Resort was featured on Australian TV's popular travel show - 'Getaway'.

"Lomalagi is all about choice and guests' preferences are taken into consideration on all aspects".
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Chronicle-Herald -- Dartmouth NH, USA -- in an article titled 'In Fiji, Just Relax'.
"The brochure says "Lomalagi is for Lovers" and indeed it is. Six secluded villas in a working coconut plantation overlook the vast reaches of Natewa Bay. The sunset was glorious, but even more impressive was our introduction into Fijian culture".

Post-Crescent, Milwaukee WI, USA -- in an article titled 'Leave Worldly Stress Behind ...'
"With only six villas, Lomalagi is able to make individual arrangements for each guest. We were captivated by the tiny village (with two churches) where we started our trek".

Rob Kay's FijiGuide web site:
"... perhaps the most spectacular natural setting of any resort in Fiji. For those who want to get away from it all, while basking in natural beauty, Lomalagi is the ticket."

Fiji Post -- in a story titled "Lomalagi - heaven in northern Fiji"
"'s a dreamy resort on a clifftop overlooking the vast expanse of Natewa Bay. Peace, beautiful peace!"

Beach at Lomalagi Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin (Australia) - a story titled "Heaven With Room Service"
"... there's a heaven just a few hours from Australia, east of the northern Fiji town of Savusavu, which, coincidentally, has often been called a 'hidden paradise'."

Sunday Territorian (Australia) - a story titled "A Little Piece of Paradise"
"The silence of the scene is broken only by the twittering of birds and sometimes the faint hum of an outboard on the bay, as the fishermen from the nearby village of Nasinu return home with their catch."

Sunday Tasmanian (Australia) - in a story titled "Heavenly Getaway"
"While some might prefer to spend their days swaying in a hammock with a cold Fiji Bitter in hand, there's plenty to do -- at your own pace."

Geelong Advertiser (Australia) - in a story titled "The Road to Heaven"
"The resort comprises just six spacious and luxuriously appointed villas, connected with the restaurant and each other by boardwalks, including one villa especially for honeymooners."

Anemone Fish News Release - November 2000
"Imagine being in a small boat with a Fijian villager as your guide ... you motor up the East side of Natewa Bay, the largest bay in the South Pacific. The bay is located at the North-eastern corner of Vanua Levu - Fiji's second largest island. After a leisurely boat ride (trolling along the way), your guide Sam stands in the bow of the boat and calls out with a loud and eerie sound. Suddenly, you see them. Dolphins! 50 - 60 - 100, swimming straight for you. They leap and play all around you, chasing the boat ...leading the boat. For an hour! These dolphins are smaller than the usual bottlenose variety you're used to seeing in water theme parks or colder ocean sites. But, they have the same smiles! And, as they play, you can hear them talking.... There's no guarantee that they'll come when they're called of course but, according to the local Chief, they've "always been there".

Lomalagi Resort is the only property on Natewa Bay ( The bay is about 600 square miles and over 1,000 meters deep in the center. It's 40 miles to open ocean so the bay has its own ecosystem and some of the most fabulous soft coral in the world. After you tire of playing with the dolphins, you'll go to one of several pristine reefs for snorkeling. No coral bleaching here ... the colors are unbelievable and you'll feel like you're inside an enormous tank of exotic tropical fish. Have you ever seen a Lion Fish the size of a basketball? The dolphin experience is one of many wonderful opportunities to see 'The Real Fiji' at Lomalagi Resort on Natewa Bay.

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